Monday, June 13, 2011

Please do me a favor.

A week ago, I posted the winner of my party favor giveaway. And since then I have been working with Belle to design her custom party favors for her father's day party. In case you missed the winning announcement, here is her story:
I will be having a large fathers day party this year. (We have a large family and our dad is in liver failure so we celebrate every chance we can for him) I would love to try out your lotion and this would be the perfect chance.
I was very excited to be able to do this for her and her dad and I couldn't wait to get started! From our initial contact, she told me she wanted the color scheme to be blue and the theme to be "Reach for the Stars". From that, I ended up with this initial design:
I sent her this proof and she said it was great, but I still thought there was something missing:

More STARS!!  Now it was perfect and I could move on to the next step:

Labeling and filling the bottles.
 As you can see, she selected the popular Cucumber Melon fragrance.

Don't they look great?! But they are not quite done. To finish them off, they went into a cellophane bag and were tied up with matching ribbon with the tag attached.

I just love curling ribbon!

Now they are ready for their close-up!

The perfect little party package!
They are now on their way to Belle and her family, just in time for Father's Day. I cannot wait to hear all about the party, where I am sure they will be a hit.

Do you like what you see here? Let me know about your upcoming party or event and I will design you your own unique favors. And now through the end of June I am offering 10% off on all custom designs (minimum order of 10). Please click the pink "email me" button at the top right of the page and include the following:
  • How many guests?
  • What you would like? (lotion, lip balm, soap, or a combination)
  • Date of the party?
I will get you a price quote within 24 hours. Please allow at least 2 weeks for completion and shipping. If you need a rush order, please let me know and I will try to accommodate the request.

P.S. For those of you with eagle eyes, you may have noticed that there was a watermark on the image in first two pictures. You will be happy to know that once the design was approved, I did obtain the rights to use the image.



  1. When I first saw the pictures all finished and in their own little bags I almost cried. They are truely amazing and it means so much that Iwas able to have a special gift with a simple but very insirational message on them. I know everyone will love them andI cant wait to see their faces when the see them for the first time. I will definitely let you know what they all say. Again, thank you so much this really means alot to me ~Belle

  2. So I posted that under the wrong name but its still me :/


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