Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where Are My Party People?

June is a huge month for celebrations.  Of course there is the obvious: Father's Day, graduations and weddings. But there is also: my son passed 4th grade, my divorce is final, my shorts from last summer still fit, or that kid in my class is finally moving on to 5th grade. Recently, we have had cause to celebrate the end of "Sprinter", that dreadful season between winter and spring that we seem to be languishing in this year. My point is, just like there is always room for J.E.L.L.O, there is always a reason to party! And what party would be complete without a party favor? Okay, so technically you can have a party without a party favor, but go with me on this, I am getting to the good part.

Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to design party favors for several events.  I enjoy the creativity that comes with offering you a unique product that will make your celebration even more memorable. If you follow Soapendipity on Facebook, you know that I recently posted about an upcoming contest. I said that it is going to be HUGE and I am not going to disappoint. The winner of this contest is going to win a custom set of party favors (up to 20)!! The favor will be designed around your party theme and I will even let you choose lip balm, lotion, or soap.

Custom Wedding Favors
Here is what I ask of you:

  1. Be having a party in June (or early early July).
  2. Be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Live in U.S.
  4. Let me blog about the design process for your favors.
  5. Be willing to take pictures and make comments of the event for an upcoming blog post.

Baby Shower Favors
What? You say you don't have a party planned in June? I am sure you can put on your thinking cap and come up with a reason you need 20 little celebration gifts. But in case you are still stuck, here are a few:
  • End of the year teacher and school support staff 
  • Girl's night out (you know you want one!)
  • Family reunion
  • I'm moving, here is my new address
  • Neighborhood barbecue
  • It's not Monday
  • I'm out on parole
  • The world did not end on May 21
  • The test came back negative (or positive)
  • Got that promotion at work (or its cousin, I survived the latest round of layoffs)
You can enter this contest by writing a comment to this post telling me about your celebration, the party theme, and what you would choose (lip balm, lotion, soap) if you win. And to sweeten the deal, here is how you can get extra entries:
  1. "Like" Soapendipity on Facebook with your personal profile.
  2. Follow Soapendipity on Twitter.
  3. Post a link to this blog contest on your personal Facebook page. (Make sure you tag @Soapendipity in the post, so that I can see it.) Only once a day, please.
  4. Tweet about this blog contest with a link on Twitter. Again, only once a day and tagging Soapendipity.
  5. Follow this blog via email.
Be sure to post an extra comment for each entry. I will be randomly drawing a winner next Friday, June 3rd. 

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