Friday, August 27, 2010

Front Page News

If you follow Soapendipity on Facebook you know that I was featured on the front page of the Ellensburg Daily Record on Wednesday.  It was great exposure for my fledgling business and I have already had several people come into the shop because of seeing the article.  Every week I am seeing more and more people, either to make soap or to buy soap, lotion or scrubs.  It's all very exciting!

In starting Soapendipity, I have been very conscious of every penny I spend and often that means I spend hours on the internet trying to save a dime on each lotion bottle, a dollar on an ounce of fragrance oil, or a few bucks on shipping.  Lucky for me I found the Bramble Berry website very early in my soaping career. I love the fact that it is a "local" business (in Bellingham, WA), not only because I can support a local business, but also because when I place my order it usually only takes a day to get to my doorstep.

The mainstay of Soapendipity is the make-it-yourself soap bar and the soap making parties.  I could not do this without the Bramble Berry soap base.  I think I have used nearly 200 lbs. of this soap since opening in June!  Last month was the Soapendipity grand opening party.  Knowing that I could get my order in a day or so, I did not stress because I needed to get more soap for the party.  About a week before the party I went to place the order only to realize the soap was on backorder.  The party was Thursday and I knew that as long as it shipped Wednesday I would be okay.

Soap made with Bramble Berry soap base.
In the meantime, I searched the internet looking for a comparable base as a back up.  I came to realize two things:  1) nobody beats the Bramble Berry price on soap base and 2) there was no way that it would get to me in time anyway unless I paid exorbitant shipping charges for overnight shipping. I decided to take my chances on Bramble Berry.  Making a call to customer service on Monday I was told that it probably would not be in by Wednesday.  Mild panic...maybe I should have invested in those overnight shipping charges.

The Soap Bar
By Thursday, I had resigned to being without 25 lbs of soap base for my grand opening.  About two hours before the party I went home to get the rest of the supplies from my order that had been delivered that afternoon.  As I got closer to the front door...could it be?  Were my eyes deceiving me?  An extra box had been delivered...the backordered soap base was sitting on my doorstep!

More soap!
The party was a success and I am sure it would have been just as great without the soap, but I am glad it was there!  The funny thing is, the following Monday I got an email from customer service telling me that the backordered base was finally in and that I could now place my order for it.  To this day I still have no idea how I ended up with 25 lbs of soap that was not even in stock.  It was all very "soapendipitous"!

P.S.  I not only get my soap base from Bramble Berry, but most of my other soaping supplies as well.  When you come into the Soap Bar to make your soap, you will be able to pick out a fragrance.  Our collection contains over 80 scents and there is something there for every soaper.  If you don't see one you like, let me know and I am sure I can find it at Bramble Berry!

A few of the many Bramble Berry fragrances you can choose from.
P.P.S.  It is now time for Bramble Berry to be selecting new fragrances for 2011 and they are asking a few select customers to test the many they are considering.  I think I would be a great participant on this panel.  Not only would I be able to sample the fragrances in my cold process soaps, lotions and scrubs, but I would be able to get instant customer feedback from the soap bar on the scents in melt and pour soap.  


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Have Mineral Makeup, Will Travel

Soapendipity hit the road today and traveled to East Wenatchee for a private mineral makeup class.  Yes...I can come to you!  Classes are so laid back and fun in the comfort of your own home, and are especially perfect  if you can't make it to one of my monthly mineral makeup classes. So gather at least five of your friends and contact me to schedule your day and time.  Cost is $30/person and you will leave with eyeshadow, blush and foundation (perfectly matched to your skin tone and type).

Hard at work (play!).
Sharon and Tracie making custom eyeshadows.
Stephanie mixing her custom eyeshadow.
Finished products - such great colors were created!

Baby Maddie enjoying her Soapendipity Lip Balm!
And in case you were not yet convinced...similar product, purchased from a well known mineral makeup brand, would cost over $100!  Learn how easy (and cheap) it is to make it yourself - using the exact same ingredients as the big name brands.

Would you like to take the class, but don't want to host a party?  No problem.  I hold mineral makeup classes monthly at the shop.  This Thursday, August  19th, is the mineral foundation class and it is $15.  Contact me for more details or to sign up.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grand Opening Celebration!

Thursday night was the Soapendipity Grand Opening party, and what a party it was!!  I saw some familiar faces and made some new friends too.  There was a sale table set up outside, the soap bar was ready (with an extra special shout-out to the folks at Bramble Berry for getting me the back-ordered soap base in time - woot woot!!) and an extra table was set up for making lip balm and bath fizzy bombs.

Sale Table 
The sale table will stay set up in the store and will be at the Farmer's Market each Saturday until everything is gone.  Believe it or not it is time for me to make room for my fall fragrances, so I must make room on the shelves for new stuff!  Prices on sale items are from $0.50 to $2.00.

Make it Yourself Soap Bar
Because the fizzy bombs and lip balms were so popular at the party, I have decided to make them a regular activity at the Soap Bar!  Prices are $3.00 each or $2.00 each if you are also doing the soap bar.

Soap, Lotion, Body Scrubs
New items are being added almost daily (as fast as my own two hands can make them), so be sure to come in often to see what is new.

Cupcakes and Cookies for Everyone!
Another big shout out goes to Janee, Maureen, and Rebecca for their help in the shop and for making the cupcakes and my mom for making eight dozen chocolate chip oatmeal cookies to help with the festivities.

Here's the night in numbers:  10 lbs of soap base used, 17 fizzy bath bombs and 11 lip balms made, 43 bars of soap sold, 73 entries into the drawing, two dozen cookies and three dozen cupcakes eaten, and two soap parties scheduled.  What a great night!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Soapendipity is International!

Last week, on her way to the sale at the yarn shop, Diane stopped in to check out the Soap Bar.  She told me she was leaving soon for Korea to teach English for a month and was looking for unique, locally made host/hostess gifts to take with her.  She came back the next day and placed her order for six gift bags.  In each was a bar of Yuzu scented soap, a 2 oz matching lotion, and a lip balm.  She came in today to pick them up and was thrilled with how they turned out!  I might be a little biased, but I am thrilled too.  It is amazing what a cellophane bag and some curling ribbon will do to make something look great and instantly gift worthy!!

I also made lotions and sugar scrubs in Energy, Lemon Drop and Summer Melon.  These fragrances are perfect for summer!  Feeling inspired, I made up gift sets for each of these.  In the set is a 4 oz lotion, a 4 oz sugar scrub and a bar of soap.  Within five minutes of curling the last ribbon, Lynda (who also stopped in for the first time last week) walked in and bought the Energy set for a wedding gift!

In addition to the 4 oz size set, I can also do each of those scents in an 8 oz size.  More fragrances are going to be added weekly, so if you have a favorite, let me know and I can make it for you.  Hint, hint...Apricot Freesia and a fragrance called Tropical Vacation (which is a heavenly mix of mango, coconut and pineapple...yum!) will be added next.

Also new this week are the Sun Soothers, in both lotion and spritzer.  If you overdid it in the sun and are feeling the burn, these are wonderfully cooling and soothing.  The spritzer is especially great right out of the refrigerator!  I am so excited about this product, I even thought about intentionally getting a sunburn, just so I could try it out as it was meant to be used.  Don't worry, I didn't have to intentionally get burned (don't try this at home...the use of sunscreen is highly encouraged).  After an impromptu trip to the west side and back on Friday, I had driver's arm...that burn you get only on your left arm from the sun shining through the driver's side window.  I am pretty fastidious about the use of sunscreen (as I am the fairest of fair), but even I forget to slather it on before driving.

Upcoming Events at Soapendipity:
Mineral Foundation class (still a couple of spots left) - this Thursday, July 15th, 6-8pm
Grand Opening Celebration - Thursday, July 22nd, 6-10pm


Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Can You Do at Soapendipity?

The Soap Bar is now open weekdays for walk-in soap making. Soap is something EVERYONE uses, so the experience is both unique and practical. Using my selection of soap molds, fragrances, and colors, you are limited only by your imagination. Looking for a fun gift idea? Make soap! Your recipient will appreciate a gift that they will enjoy using and was created by you. Soap making is a fun family activity that is kids safe and non-toxic.

Soapendipity offers classes creating your own natural soaps, lotions, mineral makeup and much more! New classes are added monthly, so keep checking the schedule, as you are sure to find something that sparks your interest. The best part? You will get to take home everything you make in the class! As a graduate of a Soapendipity class you will be able to come to the store and purchase additional ingredients so you may make more when you run out. If you don't have the space to keep supplies, for a low hourly rate plus the cost of materials, the Soap Bar is available for use by appointment.

Soapendipity offers a full line for bath and body products, created fresh in the shop daily. We use only skin loving ingredients such as avocado and olive oils, jojoba, shea butter and local, fresh goat milk. New products are added weekly, so come in often to see what is new. Custom gift baskets can also be made for any occasion. All of our products are also available through the website at and on Saturday at the Kittitas County Farmer's Market in Ellensburg.

For less per person than the cost of a movie, Soapendipity is a great choice for your next get-together. In addition to the Soap Bar, parties can be customized with a selection of add-ons such as lip balm, lotion, fizzy bath bombs, and scrubs. Contact Soapendipity for availability and pricing of add-ons. Soapendipity is a great choice for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, church groups, Scouts and 4-H groups, girl's night out, daycare/preschool groups and much more. You don't even need a reason to party, just 5-12 friends who want to get together for a fun time. Contact Soapendipity to find out more, including how the Soap Bar can come to you if you can't come to the Soap Bar.

Soapendipity Ellensburg Soap Bar
105 E 3rd Avenue (across from the Post Office)
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Tuesday 12-4
Wednesday 12-4
Thursday 2-6
Friday 12-4


Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Party at Soapendipity

Friday night was Kess' bachelorette party at Soapendipity and the girls had a great time making soap!

Here is Kess, the bride. She made skull soap for her groom.

Maureen adding the fragrance to her soap:

Everyone hard at work:

Soap in the mold:

Once all of the soap was poured, we put them in the freezer to set. Then we headed over to D & M Coffee for a latte'. When we got back, the soap was ready to pop out of the mold.

The finished products:

Thank you ladies for including Soapendipity in your bachelorette night out! And congratulations Kess on your big day, I hope everything is perfect.

Remember, you don't need a reason to party at Soapendipity, all you need are five or more friends who want to get together for a fun time. Parties start at $7 per person. Send an email to or click here to be taken to the Soapendipity website for more details.

Soapendipity is also open Tuesday through Saturday 12 - 4 for the walk-in soap making. Come make soap or shop from my growing line of bath and body products. 105 E. 3rd Avenue (across from the Post Office).


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dachshunds on Parade

This weekend in Ellensburg is the 8th Annual Dachshunds on Parade. I don't have a dachshund, but I am a dog lover with two dogs of my own, so I am super excited for this event. In addition to Soapendipity, I also have Canine Frosting.

If you haven't seen my booth at the Kittitas County Farmer's Market, I have lots of collars, harnesses, and leashes in fun patterns and colors. I have been working hard all week to be sure I have plenty of dachshund sized harnesses available and I have even baked up a fresh batch of dog cookies.

And for all the dachshund lovers out there, I have also been working on something soapy just for you!

Dachshund Silhouette soaps!! I love how they turned out and can't wait to have them for sale at the market this weekend. Each soap weighs in at almost 7 oz, and they smell great. In addition to the traditional white background, I will also have a few other color choices. The dachshund in the soap is actually made from soap and I hand cut out each and every one.

So don't forget to stop by my booth this Saturday and you could leave with something great for both you and your furry friend!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Great Party Favor Idea

Looking for a unique idea for your birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, or wedding? Consider customized Soapendipity soap. Just this week I made soap for the Ellensburg Giants minors baseball team in their team colors of black and orange.

Soap is something everyone uses (which makes it very practical), and the soap can be customized to match your party theme and scent preferences (which makes it unique). I can even embed a photo or business card into the soap, to make it truly one of a kind!

If you are the creative hands-on type, you have the option to come to the soap bar and make your own party favors using the Soapendipity molds, colorants and fragrances, or I would be happy to make the soaps for you to your specifications. Contact me at for more information.


Monday, May 24, 2010

We Are Partying at Soapendipity!!

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of hosting a party for the ladies W.A.L.K. group from the Ellensburg Foursquare Church.

Everyone was able to make two bars of soap.

We then moved on to the fizzy bath bombs. Unfortunately, I did not take into account that it had been raining all day and the air was very humid. When making fizzy bath bombs it is super important to not add any extra moisture to the mix. Instead of fizzy bath bombs, the ladies left with a cup of fizzy bath powder!

They were all great sports about the failed bombs and we all had a good laugh over it! Thanks for being so patient ladies!!

This one turned out pretty good:

We discovered that they held together much better if done in the little molds:

The demo bombs I had made earlier that day, the one on the right had WAY too much moisture, it should have looked like the one on the left:

This one looks good here, but I think it fell apart after the pic was taken:

Back into the cups the fizzy powder went, we tried them in the molds one more time:

Here are the ladies with their final projects! They all had such creative ideas and it was fun to watch the soaps come out of the molds to reveal what they had created.

Here is the mess that you DON'T have to clean up when you have a party at Soapendipity! Simply show up, have fun and leave with cute soap to use at home or give as a gift. The soap bar is currently open weekends from 2-5 for walk-in soap making, or contact me to book a private party anytime!

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