Monday, May 24, 2010

We Are Partying at Soapendipity!!

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of hosting a party for the ladies W.A.L.K. group from the Ellensburg Foursquare Church.

Everyone was able to make two bars of soap.

We then moved on to the fizzy bath bombs. Unfortunately, I did not take into account that it had been raining all day and the air was very humid. When making fizzy bath bombs it is super important to not add any extra moisture to the mix. Instead of fizzy bath bombs, the ladies left with a cup of fizzy bath powder!

They were all great sports about the failed bombs and we all had a good laugh over it! Thanks for being so patient ladies!!

This one turned out pretty good:

We discovered that they held together much better if done in the little molds:

The demo bombs I had made earlier that day, the one on the right had WAY too much moisture, it should have looked like the one on the left:

This one looks good here, but I think it fell apart after the pic was taken:

Back into the cups the fizzy powder went, we tried them in the molds one more time:

Here are the ladies with their final projects! They all had such creative ideas and it was fun to watch the soaps come out of the molds to reveal what they had created.

Here is the mess that you DON'T have to clean up when you have a party at Soapendipity! Simply show up, have fun and leave with cute soap to use at home or give as a gift. The soap bar is currently open weekends from 2-5 for walk-in soap making, or contact me to book a private party anytime!

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