Friday, June 3, 2011

We have a winner!

This was my first blog contest and my biggest giveaway ever, with the lucky winner receiving 20 custom party favors in her choice of lip balm, lotion, or soap. I am happy to announce...
Commenter #19 - Schizobelle2 (Belle Wa) is the winner!!! Here is her party story:
I will be having a large fathers day party this year. (We have a large family and our dad is in liver failure so we celebrate every chance we can for him) I would love to try out your lotion and this would be the perfect chance.
I am very excited to work with Belle in designing the perfect party favor and will be blogging the process for you all to see. In the meantime, I would still love to design the perfect party favors for the rest of you too! Please contact me with the details. For the month of June, I am offering all of my readers 10% off their custom party favor order.

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